Wednesday, July 31, 2013

last month of pregnancy

I have less than 4 weeks until my scheduled C-section. although part of me wants to make it to that lovely date August 26th, part of me wants to have that baby in the next week or so. I am extremely uncomfortable, this baby is frank breech so his little booty is just sitting there applying tons of pressure and this momma and her old uterus are about ready......

Today i did some grocery shopping i took my very helpful 11 year old he seriously has saved me this summer he pushes the cart, loads the car, unloads etc. i swore this was my last trip to Sams/Costco until after i have this baby and i hope the food never does these people think they need to eat every day =) i stocked up on easy to cook things because well i am tried.

this has been my most active baby and it still amazes me that we can grow little people in our tummies. God is so amazing, i really cant wait to meet this baby boy (still deciding on the name) and see how he will mesh into our family. Things i am praying for right now

  • successful delivery with no complications
  • healthy baby
  • healthy mommy
  • that the kids bond with him well 
  • that if i go in to labor my doctor is available to deliver, i love her and trust her with my life
  • that he has no allergies (i know this is silly but really everyone is allergic to EVERYTHING now a days i cant handle it!) 
  • that he sleeps well at night =) 
So that's it around here just counting down the days to meet my new boy 

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