Sunday, October 14, 2012

Our weekend

Hi! This weekend was pretty chill we don't have very many weekends like that so it was a nice change.

Friday I took Lilly for her 3 year check up the girl is huge she was 42.5 inches tall and 54 pounds! The doctor said she was on the high end f the chart but pretty even on height and weight so not to worry about it too much.

After the doctor Lilly spent some time painting and we hung out all day.

That night we went to our friends sons football game it was so fun to hang out and cheer for him he is a great football player. His school won sp that is always a bonus =)

Saturday I took liz to have her eyebrows waxed, to goodwill to look for some clothes for homecoming week and I took the boys for hair cuts. John spent most of the day at church becasue he BBQ'ed for a monthly dinner so he was gone most of the day. Not much other than that, oh we did go to church I worked in the nursery it was fun.

Sunday we got up and cleaned cleaned cleaned we had a showing on our house so after we cleaned we ran to Costco for milk and grapes ad Lilly threw a huge fit so we left pretty quickly and came home so she could nap. Lilly is my first kid to throw fits to this magnitude any advice out there? I am at a loss she will thrash and scream "NO!!!" over and over and it is so embarrassing  people stare and seriously it grates my nerves like none other... We watched football (I am really in to fb this year) and hung out the rest of the day.

See I told ya low key it was nice....

Lilly and Jake want this ship for Christmas the LOVE Jake and the neverland pirates!!!

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