Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Best thing i ever ate

Has anyone watched this show on food network? well we were watching it tonight and that got me thinking of my vacation John and I recently went on. We left on Friday night and flew in early Saturday morning to Ft.Lauderdale we stayed at the Harbor Beach Marriott which not only had one of the most comfortable beds with about 8 pillows had some of the best food!Despite the humidity being about 800% i loved this beach town, the water was warm which is so differnet from here on the west coast!

We arrived early and couldn't check in yet so we went to there Sea Level restaurant which overlooked the beautiful beach and i seriously had the BEST breakfast i have ever had in my life, now granted i am not a huge breakfast lover but this french toast was AMAZING not even going to lie! John had there special which was a seafood omelet (sounds odd tastes BOMB!) but i am so glad i had the french toast it was made with brioche bread and was seriously to die for, can you tell i liked it HA!

that evening we took the water taxi and went to Los Olas Blvd where they had tons of restaurants and shops, we were going to have a small meal since we slept through lunch but wanted to have dinner later but once we got to SoLita we knew that this was going to be dinner, we ordered a antipasti platter and a small margarita pizza to share and it was all so good. I am pretty sure i have shared my love of cheese here on the blog but just in case i have not i LOVE cheese!

The pizza was so good the crust was perfectly cooked and you could tell the cheese was fresh mozzarella! The restaurant was so pretty and the waiters were attentive and the owner stood at the line kind of like a calmer version of Gordon Ramsey HA! The bartenders were all female and they were dressed as though they should have been serving in a Las Vegas casino not a nice Italian restaurant but maybe i was just insecure because of the amounts of cheese and bread i had consumed ;)

The next morning we went back to the Sealevel restaurant before we headed down to the beach and we decided to share a bowl of fruit and oatmeal and that was so good too! the fruit was so pretty you almost didnt want to eat it, it came with Greek yogurt which i still cant acquire a taste for but the fruit was great.

i know i said a while back, that to me a vacation is not a place you are on a major diet. Its your chance to try fun foods, and things you haven't had and places you have never been. If you happen to be in Ft.Lauderdale consider staying at the Marriott Harbor beach you will not be disappointed the service and facilities are great!

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