Monday, June 27, 2011

What we have been up to

ok. so the other night I stayed up late to update the blog, really for myself since I probably have like 2 readers now since I have not kept up HA! and I want to remember what happened in our lives at some point, well it was late and I was typing away and the power literally went out it was so freaky it was out for about half an hour and it was quiet around here good thing for smart phones and words with friends ;) anyways just to get caught up a bit I am going to list a bunch of random to let you all know what we have been doing this summer thus far:

  • Jake turned 4! holy smokes that was quick! he is such a good kid, he melts my heart daily. he got a bike and proclaims he is a big boy (I beg to differ ;))
  • the morning of his bday our mops group had a yard sale that I helped out and I got some really cool stuff including my husband a 4 cycle weed eater, we had been looking for one at a good price YAY
  • later in the day a few hours before Jakes family party I got the flu… goodness. horrible!!!!
  • We went to a Mexico meeting at our church, our whole church is going to Mexico in November and we are so excited to go too.
  • We spent that week following getting the kids ready for camp, and I fought the flu. I tried to go to my boot camp I had signed up for and felt so sick and clammy it just didn’t work, I had to take the whole week off
  • the kids left for camp that following Sunday 6/12 and we cleared there rooms out so that I could redecorate we them while they were gone
  • We took the little kids to LA to do a little shopping and went to universal city walk for a fun day!
  • the next day, the first week day of the kids gone I had to report for my one day of jury duty, of course I got picked for a jury and spent the next 5 days there! which meant no newly decorated rooms. and I didn’t get to go to boot camp then either
  • I did get to play Bunco 2 times that week that was fun!
  • the kids came home that Saturday to new rooms that were painted and had bed but that was it no d├ęcor still.
  • fathers day was nice, we got to spend it loving on John and giving him presents and having dinner with his parents and sister and family
  • last week summer hit! we had went from low 80’s to 109 in a week!
  • I helped with a baby shower for my dear friend Lynette who is pregnant with her 4th girl YAY!!!!  The shower was here so that fun getting everything ready.
  • the rest of the week we tried to stay in the house or in the pool but not going many places, I got in the pool twice which is a record for me I usually go like twice the whole summer. The little ones LOVE the water too!
  • I went back to boot camp last week and almost died after missing 2 weeks
  • I also got to attend a baby shower this weekend, went to a VBS meeting at church and had 2 quick dates with Johnnie (WalMart and Costco count as dates right?!)
  • tonight some great friends came over for dinner and to hang out and catch up that was fun, we need to do that more often!
  • this week consists of boot camp, VBS (and i f you know me you know that is HUGE because I don’t generally love other peoples kids as bad as that sounds HA. But I really want to serve in my church and what better way, I am helping with 5th grade so it shouldn’t be too difficult right?!) small group, and getting ready for the 4th!

I can NOT believe this is the last week of June!!!! only 12 days until John and I leave for our vacation, wow that came quick!

What have you been doing this summer so far?

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  1. Sounds like a very busy summer for you! Its winter here now, so have been trying to keep warm, and welcoming our new baby :)