Wednesday, May 18, 2011



This year was our first year in participating in Awanas and my boys loved it! Last week was there fnal night where they got awards and had ice cream it was a fun night to see what everyone accomplished, those awanas are no joke it is some hard work!



This is Jakes teacher Mrs.Jenny =) Jake loved her, he started the year very unsure but he warmed up to her quickly and they became buds! I am so excited that next year he can be in cubbies again and I hope she is his teacher!


The boys enjoying there ice cream afterwards. Jake hated wearing his vest it was a battle I chose not to fight he loved going so if he didn’t wear the vest I didn’t worry about it, Lilly on the other hand LOVES the vest haha


My friend Emily and her mom, continue to pray for Emily and Alif and family miracles upon miracles are happening. to read the whole story go here

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