Thursday, February 17, 2011

Random Wednesday Ramblings

2011 has been a odd year thus far. I started the year with all the expectations of losing weight, organizing and planning more homeschool geared activities, playing with the kids more, healthy meals more often, budgeting better etc. etc. etc.….. Well so far most of those things have not happened, I have been in a funk so to speak.

January came and went with a vengeance and my weight loss wasn’t happening the way I wanted (when does it) so Feb I was determined to get my booty in gear and make things happen then I hurt my back ugh! it started with a pain in my hip that kept getting worse and worse to the point I could barely walk, then my back started in. Last week I literally could barely walk it was horrible several times during the week I broke down in tears (I am not a crier!) I would try to go to the gym and could barley even get out of my car. I have seen the chiropractor more in the last 2 weeks then in last 2 years! One day last week I walked in and he said are you alright and I broke down in tears, luckily he is a good friend we have known him and his wife forever, he prayed for me right there in the office the weekend was rough but I am finally starting to feel better. I went back for my first workout in a week tonight that was a praise. A bunch of times the last few week I thanked the Lord this was just a temporary thing and how fortunate I am that I don’t have a long term illness/pain like so many people do.

The diet is really tough for me this year, not sure why last year when I started the diet I was so motivated this year I feel motivated but my mouth doesn’t I took like the last 3 months of 2010 off of dieting and put on some weight and it is a lot harder to get off this time. Last year I loss 100 pounds, and this year I can seem to get off 10 and keep it off. I will but I have been feeling a little discouraged….

Valentines was our 13th anniversary. CRAZY! it feels as though we just got married and now it is 13 years later! Time flies when you are having fun and living life…. I love you Johnnie more than you could know or imagine.

School feels as though it is getting better. Putting the boys back in school was definitely a good decision they are loving it and are making friends and having fun. Liz seems to be enjoying be the only one schooled at home right now too. Lilly and Jake are enjoying more mommy time I think, and Jake is begging to go to junior high I think we may need to put him in next year a few days a week so that he (or me) can have some adjustment before he goes to kindergarten <gulp> When he goes to kinder Liz will go to high school the same year <YIKES> lets move on before I have  a breakdown.

Things are looking up (not that they were miserable but you know what I mean) we filed taxes and god is good we don’t owe money HOLLA. My husband told me last week we are going on a cruise this summer (just he and i ) HOLLA I can NOT wait we are going in July to the eastern Caribbean and we are going on a AMAZING ship seriously it is unreal, but I have a 141 days to get in shape hahaha so I better get to work.

how is your year going thus far?

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  1. sister i had nooo idea you were having back problems? i am glad you are able to get back to the gym and im super excited for you going on the cruise.... have a blast..xoxo