Wednesday, December 1, 2010


So i am kind of stumped on what to do with this hutch. This is my first year decorating with my $40 craigslist find
and then i moved it to my dining room which i love it so much more.
but i am stuck on how to decorate for Christmas....

So i just have so much junk piled on it and cant decide what direction to go in.
i like a clean, sleek Christmas decor. I am not much in to the cutesy (read, theme like Santa, snowmen etc)
the problem.. I have 5 kids. the all love all that stuff.
i even gave up my pretty tree and put it in the family room and let them decorate it modge podge ornaments and colored lights.
but Christmas is about what they like more right???

Well the family room may be all about them but the rest of the public spaces are going to be what i like.
so i think i will move all this stuff and go with what i like.
don't get me wrong i love the sentimental pieces like that plate with my son Davids hand print and a few other things but for the most part i want all this stuff out....
any ideas??

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