Friday, November 19, 2010

Pier 1!

I went on a mom field trip (by myself) to Pier 1 a few weeks ago for a little retail browsing. i LOVE this store, everything is so pretty. i took a bunch of pictures on my cell phone and thought i would share with you my style!
OK die!, right??? these lamps are so cute! i can picture them in my room on either side of our bed or in my living room when i re-decorate!!!! I would like two of these (yes i am talking to you Johnnie HAHA!)
I am thinking i need a new cute apron to wear in the kitchen and these are so pretty!! I think they are like $15 which seems really great priced for all that material with the ruffles right? If my daughter ever gets sewing down i am sure she could make me one of these!
i LOVE these big coffee mugs stacked in that rack , i almost bought them but it seemed kind of a splurge for something for myself especially with the holidays so close
OK those plate with the birds, really so cute! so is the zebra one. i love dishes and pier 1 has the cutest stuff right now.

I love this color combination. I have my mind on redoing my family room at some point in the near future (when my money tress starts producing) and these are colors i want in there. I love all the different textures and patterns and how they work together
I love these kinds of chairs they are relatively inexpensive and are a great pop of colors

I love the simpleness of this couch and you can load it with cute pillows (i don't like the ones they have on there though)
and this would look so good at the end of my bed
hope you had fun shopping with me =)

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  1. i am getting those bird plates. I love those, I saw those in there last week, when we get paid I am going to get one of each color for my hutch!!!!