Sunday, November 21, 2010

Entertaining last minute

A couple of weeks ago it was our regularly scheduled bunco night and my friend Liz who was hosting that evening called me somewhat worried because her power had been out for over 12 hours and they weren't sure when it would be back on.
We quickly decided we would get a hold of everyone and move the party to my house so i had a couple of hours to get my house ready for everyone to come over.

I decided i would have everyone in my school room because it works so well for my family, since there is access to outside from the school room no one had to walk through the house to leave and my family could stay home and do there normal thing. i had all the stuff for the drinks and Liz just came early and cooked her dinner here (since she had no power) and it was all so good!

Part of being a gracious hostess and more importantly friend is to allow for things that were originally on the schedule and rolling with the punches to make things run smoothly. nobody cared that we were in the school room

or that we set up and served from my desk haha! it was still a fun night and we all had a lot of laughs.
this coming month is my actual month to host and i hope our power doesn't go off, and that we can meet in the main part of the house but if not no big deal we will figure it out either way.....
Have you ever had to change a event or party at the last minute? Did it stress you out or not? i work well under pressure so i probably worried about it less than when i will host next month =)
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