Sunday, November 21, 2010

Baby Shower

With the holidays coming up i wanted to share some of my favorite tips for entertaining/ hostessing things at your home. It does not have to be dreaded or stressful with a little planning ahead
A few weeks ago we had a baby shower at my house for my niece who is having a baby boy in January. It was a fun time and there was a great turnout

We set up my dining room table like a little buffet. I forgot how much serving pieces i had until the night before.
***here is a tip the night before a party take put all your serving dishes and platters and make sure that they are all cleaned (especially if they have been sitting for a long time) and you can set the space up the night before then you just have to transfer the food in to the dishes.

I have been trying to collect all white serving pieces and as i get new ones i try to get rid of a old one. i really like all white because you can mix and match everything with it.
***another tip for a party is i got a growers bunch of yellow flowers for $3 at albertsons and just took some plain small vases i had in a cabinet (i bought these at the dollar tree a few years ago) and just put one flower in each vase and place them around the food and home for a little pop of color.

my sil made this and i thought it was so cute, we just put it on my coffee table when you first walk in my house.
Have any good entertaining tips you want to share?
do you like hosting gatherings at your home?
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