Sunday, October 17, 2010

Park Time

One hard part about homeschooling has been my time with the little ones is so limited because we are constantly doing school, activities, chores etc.
The big kids go to enrichment classes at there school on Wednesdays and that generally is the day Jake goes to my moms and i run errands. but a couple of weeks ago i decided i needed to just have some fun with the littles. SO we went to the park.

It was such a pretty, cool day (which is rare because it has been in the 90's a lot this fall)

We played and Lilly loved the swings

Jake even wanted to sit in the little kid swings.
A couple of friends came and the kiddos played and us moms visited.
I am generally not a "park mom" but this day was perfect. i think i am enjoying the park more now then ever before especially if it is not hot =)

Lilly and Jake have the fattest feet ever. Jake could only wear extra wide shoes from stride rite for about a year, Lilly's foot seems to be looking the same. but i found these awesome "shoes" at Target and they fit her well at least for now until it gets cold and then i will break down and buy some real shoes, plus the girl has no desire to walk yet so i am not too worried about real shoes
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  1. How fun!! Emily LOVES the swings at the park too AND she has those same slipper shoes. I love them because she doesn't really like shoes, but now that she is walking I insist that she have something on her feet when we go out.