Sunday, October 17, 2010

Family BBQ

A few weeks ago we went to a family BBQ for my daughter's Jr.high group at church and it was so fun.
We have only been going to our church for about 4 months and it was a big change. We left our old church after we had been there a long time (me 18 years, Johnnie 25 years!) we had felt a nudging from the Lord for a while and then after months of praying we felt it was the right time. It was very tough to leave the place where we knew a lot of people to a whole new place where we virtually new no one (for a very social person like me that is a big thing) BUT i am so thankful for the move. God has blessed us with a awesome church, that is very focused on families and very active (our old church is a great church, has a ton going on too but we knew it was time to move)
part of our move that has been AWESOME is the youth group for our daughter Liz who entered Jr.high this year. she has so many opportunities to get involved which is really important to us since she is being home schooled we want to provide the kids with as many activities we can. Jr.high is such a hard time (or at least for me it was) and Liz has loved this youth group since we started going. i love how they still make the family apart of what is going on by sending weekly emails and by providing family events often.

Anyhow back to the BBQ
We started out by setting out a blanket and Lilly would not crawl off that blanket at first so we had to hold her as soon as she realized the grass was fine she kept crawling away and we would have to chase her down

They had a spare dance couple there that led everyone and taught them how to do it. Jake had to get in on the action he loved it so much HA!
(the boys were there but they ran around the whole night)

Here is Liz in the actual fun of it, it was a great time for the family.
next month they are having a family movie night i cant wait!!!
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  1. I am so glad that you like your new church. I still really miss you though at mops!! It's just not the same without you.