Monday, October 18, 2010

None of these kids are quite like the other

I think a lot of time when you have a larger family people tend to lump those kids into one big bowl and think they are all alike. well that is not the case in our family (and i assume most of yours too) so here is little about each kid.
David and Johnathan are always right by one another so end up in the same pictures a lot. what can i say they are best buds!
David is our deep thinker, you can see the wheels turning when he gets an idea
David is a very sensitive kid, he gets his feelings hurt easily and sometimes in reaction to that lashes out to quickly. He is at a awkward age where he wants to be seen as a bigger kid with more responsibility but still has the mind of a 8 year old do you all know what i mean?? Being the oldest boy David often thinks he knows everything and he likes to take things apart and put them back together, he is also very organized and doesn't like his stuff messed with. David is a sweet kid he is loving and will still snuggle with me if i beg him ;) David's love language is definitely time, he craves one on one time and you can tell when he needs more of it.
Johnathan is a free spirit. He is all about fun and freedom. Johnathan is extremely smart he reads well, writes well and is excellent in math..... once you get him focused. Johnathan has a amazing imagination he is always pretending to be in far off lands, or making up some grand story to go with his dinosaurs and star wars figures. He marches to the beat of his own drum. He is your "typical" younger sibling and would much prefer one of the older kids doing things for him. Johnathan's love language is words of affirmation he gets so excited when you encourage him and give him praise even for little things.
Lilly is such a sweet girl. She is lovable and friendly. She is curious about her surrounding and still does not walk HA! She is a typical "baby" and relies on all of us to meet every need, and if we don't do it fast enough then she lets us know. Everyone has a special relationship with Lilly, even Jake loves her dearly

Liz is 12.5 and is turning into such a beautiful young lady. Liz has always been a great kid but i have just realized in the last few months how truly truly blessed we are. Liz is a kind, gentle person. She has a love for others that most kids do not have, she almost always puts others before her self and is always willing to help out. She does have the occasional typical preteen moments mostly with her brothers grating her nerves. She loves the Lord and when i read some of her school work from last week she had written that one of her future goals is to know God better. School does not always come easily but her drive is amazing she gives 110% on all her work. Liz has many firstborn tendencies she is good at completing tasks, she is pretty organized and handles responsibilities well. Liz's love language is a mix of a few I would say as she gets older quality time is the most prevalent she wants to stay up later and chat with her dad and I, she likes to just hangout with us which i am so thankful for.

Jakey is hilarious! He is a ham at home and so bashful when we are out, one day when we picked him up from class after church his teacher asked if he talked much because he had never talked to them i was like "whaaaa??" because the kid never stops talking here. Jake's love language is touch he loves to cuddle and he does not like to be alone, even if he is playing something all alone he likes to be right next to someone. He is incredibly funny and goofy he makes up funny words and lines all the time. Jake plays with all the kids and has a unique relationship with everyone he is especially close with Liz he sleeps in with her every night because "my room is scary", and he loves Lilly if you ask him who his best friend is he says "Lilly" Jake is a joy i really love our snuggle time...

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  1. How I miss all you munchkins!! Love and miss you all!