Friday, October 29, 2010

Fill in the blank Friday

i really like posts like these they are fun to read and easy to write.

  1. My Halloween plans this year will include taking the kids to a fall festival at there old school tonight, a Halloween breakfast party tomorrow morning, baking and decorating sugar cookies, and a party at a friends house on Halloween night lots of fun this year!
  2. My most memorable Halloween costume was one year i was a Gypsy it was so fun because my mom had a amazing costume jewelery assortment and i got to wear almost all of it, i wore a long flowy skirt she had also it was fun i think i was like 8 and that was probably the last year i fit in anything my mom wore lol
  3. For Halloween this year i am going to be a witch just like the other 364 days in the year ;) no really i am not dressing up i may wear a witch hat because i love witch hats
  4. i have always wanted to dress up as a witch, a really scary one that wears all black, a green face, a huge hat and carries a broom
  5. Halloween free association fall, orange and black, spooky, chilly, creepy, yummy
  6. the worst thing about Halloween is going to a event where you are told not to dress scary or even worse dress as your favorite bible character really?! i love me some Jesus but i don't want to dress up as Noah and carry around a bunch of animals, or Jonah smelling like whale intestine ack! or like my 7 and 8 year old boys want to be kings no way they want to be skeleton pirate star wars guys!!!
  7. The best thing about Halloween is watching the kids have a fun time helping them get dressed for the festivities and the CANDY hello! scaring my kids bwahahaha

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  1. have a great halloween...and weekend!