Monday, August 23, 2010

Lilly 11 months old

I cant believe in less than a month you will be a year old! i have loved everything about the past 11 months and being your mommy. This past month you:
  • pretty much wearing 18 month clothing exclusively
  • can wear piggies in your hair (i love that!)
  • you make the most hilarious mad face and you grunt when you do it.
  • you smile A LOT! and laugh
  • you say da-da and ma-ma occasionally but that is about it
  • you crawl soooo fast, and you pull your self up on everything
  • you are standing unsupported for just seconds at a time, i don't think you will walk anytime soon (and i want you to stay a baby so that is perfect for me =))
  • you LOVE your sister and the feeling is mutual
  • you think the boys are hilarious especially Jake and Johnathan you constantly crack up at them
  • 8 teeth still
  • sleeps about 12 hours and a 3 hour nap
  • loves to be outside especially watching the kids play
  • you LOVE food. this month you began loving cereal with milk, and you love ice cream =) you like most foods i cant think of anything you just will not eat
  • you are pretty attached to me and you often cry when i leave.
  • you started "dancing" and it is the cutest thing ever
  • you give the best hugs and you most definitely are a cuddly baby, sometimes you like to bite our shoulders when you hug though that is a little odd.

We love everything about you Lilly, you truly have made our lives better

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  1. Emily is doing this bounce up and down dance that is adorable and she is big on hugging right now too. They are so cute right now! Well, they are cute all of the time, but every stage just ups the cuteness. :)