Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bloggy Interview #6

This is my friend Kelley. Kelley has helped me change my life, that is no understatement!!!
The knowledge that she has in nutrition is so vast and she is always learning more. she loves it!!!
I first met Kelley a few years ago at mops when her and her friend Amy came, i saw them at thought OMG they are so gorgeous, trendy, cool looking why are they at our group HA!. i thought for sure they would not come back, but they did and they liked it. I got to know her a little better as the that year went on via our yahoo group our mops group has, she has a great heart and loves the Lord. She also helped my friend Jen (interview #1) lose a lot of weight when they were next door neighbors. Kelley and her family now live in Washington.
Kelley has 3 kids 3 and under!!! I know you want to hate that she can look that good huh? well let me tell this girl is disciplined and she deserves that amazing body! Kelley has 3 sisters (one of them is Danielle who i blogged on last night) and a brother, the whole family (including her parents) are like super active and gorgeous (i want them to adopt me and i have never met all of them, our youngest kids were born on the same day so i am hoping they will get married some day HAHA!) Don't they look like such a fun bunch??? (one sister is missing in the picture because her and her hubby and baby live in Australia!...i know, awesome huh!!!!)

OK back to Kelley let me just write out a few of my thoughts for a second bare with me her info is coming
You by far have been the most influential person in my life in a long time! The things you have taught me i will truly hold on to forever. I thank you thank you thank you for all the knowledge, time, patience, love, and when needed discipline =) you have given me. i know i am not a easy person to train and i am truly grateful for the sacrifice of your time to help me. Thanks for always encouraging me and seeing the possibility of what i can do even when i cant. There is not enough words i could share that would even begin to cover the gratitude i have for you. I am so glad we are friends because you are a fabulous person. I love that you have a passion to see people become healthy and live better lives, i hope that someday i can "pay it forward" and help someone like you have helped me. Thanks for the millions of texts, emails, and putting up with my millions of questions i always seem to have on protein options, workouts, etc.. Thanks for not making me feel like i am a goofball in the gym and sending me very detailed explanation on my workouts and encouraging me to workout with weights (which i now love) and thanks for the occasional day off =) My family does not even really know you but they all love you because you have taught there mommy enough that she will hopefully be around a lot longer and lead a way more active life.
xoxoxoxo Raquel!!!
btw obviously Kelley helps me via email/ text (isn't technology amazing!!!) but i cant wait to get to my goal because her and i are going out for some CHEESE enchiladas lol (i rarely get cheese on my diet and you all know i love CHEESE)
so here is a picture of Kelley and her hubby Tyler and 3 beautiful kids after she ran a race recently (i stole a bunch of Kelley's pics off fb lol)

Name: Kelley D.
Kids (how many and how old):3 kiddos, (Brittan 3, Braxton 2, and Landon 8 months)
tell us a little about yourself: I am a stay at home mom of 3 wonderful babies. My husbands name is Tyler. Currently my family and I are living in Spokane WA. We moved here 9 months ago to start a new adventure. It has been fun at some points and rocky at others but overall I think it was a fabulous move for us all!
have you always been interested in health / fitness: Have I always been interested in fitness and nutrition... No... I've always been interested in being skinny but it wasn't always the healthy way. Now I have learned to live a healthy lifestyle with protecting the body God has given me.
what is a typical daily routine: Wake up, coffee immediately!!!! I am a caffeine junky! I have to have my coffee in the morning. Daily morning devotion. Try and shower if kids aren't up yet. If kids are up turn on sprout and realize my hair is not going to get washed that day so I better do it in a really cute messy bun! :o) Off to the gym. I get there at 8:30 because that is when the kid care opens. Meet my momma and another gal I train with. Workout 1 hr, consisting of weights of 1 or 2 body parts and 30 min of cardio. Home for naps!!!! Afternoons usually consist of chores, playing, stroll to the park, games, breaking up fights between siblings, shopping, etc. Then dinner gets made, Ty comes home, baths, read and bed!!!
how many times a week do you exercise: 5 at the gym then the weekends are saved for bike riding or walking or running with the fam. It is very important for me that my kids are involved in seeing an active healthy lifestyle, so I try and incorporate things for them to do with us.
when do you exercise: 8:30 am on the dot!!
what is your favorite workout: LEGS AND BOOTY!!!!!
biggest motivation: Nicole Wilkins Lee,Marissa Miller and Dianna Dahlgren, and Erin Stern
do you count calories, carbs, proteins, fat, points, do you follow a certain eating plan etc? why does that work for you: I count everything. I like to know percentage wise what I am putting in my body. More than counting calories I count protein and carbs and fat and stick to a 44/33/22 plan. I am an avid fan of writing everything you put in your mouth down on a piece of paper. Most of us women have absolutely no clue how much food we are really putting in our bodies on a daily basis. And not just an overload of calories per say but the wrong type of calories.
what do you do when you really want to eat chocolate or ice cream or (insert favorite food): Depends! I believe in everything in moderation. If you know you can handle it then have a bite. If you aren't a one bite type of person then save it for Sunday. My motto is Sugar on Sunday.
do you restrict what your kids eat?, or how much they eat: My kids prefer healthy food so I don't really have to restrict anything. They like some sweets but they are funny if there is cake or apple pie in front of them and broccoli they would choose the broccoli. I try and make healthy food fun. Ive learned if you let a kid make something themselves they are more inclined to eat it no matter what it is.
How do you keep yourself from eating your kids' leftovers after a meal: Depends on what it is. I hate wasting food so I usually just eat it!! LOL But if its something naughty I usually dump it quick!
How do you keep your diet in check when you're super tired and sleep deprived: I usually am eating all day long so I don't get hungry very often and I eat the correct foods to fuel my exhaustion. Coffee helps and getting out of the house helps so the cupboard isn't talking to you. Chew gum, drink lots of water, have a diet coke, and no matter how much you may not feel like it, take a walk.
do you stop eating at a certain time of night: Nope, I eat right before I lay my head on my pillow. I like to keep my muscles fueled throughout the night so I will have a protein bar or shake right before bed. Then have one the second I wake up. Sometimes I even eat in the middle of the night as crazy as that sounds!!
what time of day is your most vulnerable? what strategies do you use to counteract that: 3-5 pm. Without doubt! Same as above, I go outside, walk, chew gum, treat myself to a diet coke, go for a drive, just stay busy!!
hormones, how big of a role in your weight (loss): Hormones suck... period... but using hormones is a lame excuse. Exercise has proven time and time again to help depression, so maybe if we get off our tushies instead of laying in bed all day or complaining about cramps we can reverse those "hormones"
your biggest tip to a mom just starting out in trying to get in shape: Pick 1 of two things whichever is easier for you... exercise or changing your eating habits, develop 1 of those habits for 3 weeks then slowly incorporate the other habit when you feel ready.
biggest tip to a mom trying to lose weight: Saying you don't have time is a cop-out...I hate it when I hear this. I have proved having 3 kids under 3 that is CAN be done. As my sister who is a single mom with about 3 full time jobs has figured out where there is a will there is a way. You just need a will.
what is your biggest temptation when it comes to food? CANDY!!!!!!! (and sweets)
who is on your ipod? Timbaland, Akon,Lady Antebellum, Lady GAGA Erik Hassle, Christina Aguilera, Usher, Skillet, Group 1 Crew, Ke$ha, and the Black eyed peas
Will you ask about dieting while breastfeeding? How many calories is needed to maintain a healthy milk supply and still lose weight?
This question is sooo different for every body out there. This is strictly my opinion and I have done much research on this as well and experimented with my own body and this is my conclusion. God has designed our bodies to make milk for our babies with stored body fat. If your water intake is adequate then I firmly believe you don't need any "extra calories" A good way to determine your caloric intake is to multiply your body weight by 10. Use that as a guide while breastfeeding and watch the lbs melt away. However make sure you are drinking plenty of water. I cannot push this one enough.
any final thoughts for all those mommies out there. or for me =): You can do allll things through Christ that gives you strength. This is my passion and my opinion so hopefully I don't offend anyone and I am excited for you in your healthy journey!!!

if anyone has any questions for Kelley email me and i will put you in contact with her, or just comment here on the blog and maybe i can talk her into another post =))))))))

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  1. I love Kelley's wisdom. Heck, I just love Kelley!

    These were so much fun to read, Raquel. What a terrific idea! And I love how you have such a vast array of women with different backgrounds that you interviewed.