Sunday, May 2, 2010

Room Of Doom

So please don't judge me with the pictures you are about to see lol.
our house doesn't have a garage, the last owners converted it into this really nice room
well we started shoving things in it like it was a garage (hey it was at one point) when we first moved here it was our bedroom until we got our room done, so we used the closet until recently. i had moved all the clothes out we use on a daily basis but left all the junk we needed to go through and get rid of in it.
since this room will be our school room next year, and hopefully i will get to craft in there now it was times to start working on the room
**** oh and a side note i had Jake's old crib in there and we were going to take it to the dump well there was a recall on it last week and i returned it to target and got a $157 gift card yay can someone say ya summer clothes
a view from our current room into the Room Of Doom
The closet:
ya i told you it was bad!
First Step:
empty the closet out and get started
so far from the same view from my current room
the pile of stuff on the side of the picture is for a yard sale i want to have so i am keeping it for now. the table has been in so many places in my home but i am liking it here.
the closet after:
i put all the holiday stuff in here including our Christmas trees (Well 4 of them)
i also moved all of my wrapping paper and gift bags so now i know where to look when i need something (what a concept eh??)

this place holds all the school type books i have saved up so far, i have way more than i thought i did and i think they will really come in handy for home schooling next year. i am SO excited! that second book area is a bunch of books i either love or still need to read, i want to read them all over the summer and get rid of the ones i don't love. So do you have a room of doom? closet of doom? drawer of doom? this was one of those things i have put off for MONTHS and finally worked on and it took much less time than i thought it would.....

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  1. Reading this blog totally made my day. I love your family! Keep on posting

  2. I want to sing...Gloooooooorious! These are the after pictures that when you open the door it should glow and the music of heaven should play!! I have a couple rooms that need to be done here...I'm a little more motivated now!! love ya!