Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers Day 2010

My family has been battling a gnarly stomach bug the last week. Liz got it first, she went to camp and came home and got the flu the next day ugh.... so she had it, then David, it skipped Johnathan, Jake and I (so far) and this weekend struck John and Lilly. luckily Lilly's was really mild but still no fun to have a sick feeling baby.

Today was mothers day and John was not feeling well so we just stayed home and i ran to Costco for some stuff for dinner and some things we needed for the week. i cleaned the house. ran to target for trash bags etc.. Johns family came over for dinner that was fun! anyhow not your typical mothers day but i wouldn't change it.

as i wandered through Costco with just Lilly i silently prayed for some single mommies i know here i was feeling sorry for myself for not getting a break on mothers day and some moms NEVER have a break. i have a amazing husband he loves me so much and never complains when i want to do something alone. it would be so hard to be a single momma and although i am so thankful for my hubby i want everyone to experience a good marriage too.

then while i was in Target after i think i yelled something like " all i want for mothers day is to not hear any ones voice for the day" hey i was a little stressed (btw i said that at home not in target lol) i prayed for women who want to be moms so bad that they dread Mothers day because all they want is to be a mommy..

wow perspective!!! a good thing ehhh....

we talked about Matthew today, it made me want to go to the cemetery and spend sometime with my baby... maybe this week. Johnathan (or maybe David) asked if Matthew was Johnathan's size in heaven or a baby still. doesn't matter to me i know i will know him when i get there.

god is SO faithful.

the troubles of our lives are so small in the grand scheme of what really is happening in this world.

God is so good, i am so blessed i have been able to have 6 babies with Johnnie and that God entrusts me with these 5 kids and continually graces me out when i mess up (which is often). i am so thankful he believes in me when i don't, i love the saying "God doesn't call the equipped, he equips the called" if we were all perfect how boring would that be, and what would keep therapists in business when our kids grow up =))))

***side note i was featured on Better After again for my hutch redo i love that blog i have got so many ideas and new blogs to read thanks Lindsey!!!

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  1. Just wanted to let you know that I have been enjoying your blog! I don't always have time to comment, but am enjoying reading. I wish I had a room to redo! Thanks for posting the picture of the before! I am not very good at getting rid of stuff - too sentimental! I am going to try the chicken Chalupa dish tonight! Sue