Friday, April 30, 2010

Lilly 7 months old

Lilly turned 7 months old last week but i haven't got the post up so here goes:
  • you wear 12 month clothes (a few things 18 months! you are so long!)
  • at your visit a few weeks ago you weighed 20 pounds (95Th percentile) and 27.5 inches long ( 95Th percentile)
  • sleeping about 11 hours but been waking up a bit due to teething
  • has FOUR teeth sooo cute!
  • drooling a ton
  • jabbering a lot
  • starting to get stranger danger
  • prefers mommy over anyone
  • rolling over finally
  • tries to get up on knees but no crawling yet
  • no more swaddling
  • loves to be held
  • likes to look around and to be outside watching the kids play
  • loves her exersaucer
  • eating a little bit finally likes real food over baby food (smart kid!!)
  • still pretty easy going with a touch of high maintenance =)

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  1. Lilly and Livvie are the same size! Lilly may be longer than Liv! SHe is so cute!