Monday, March 22, 2010


oh my granny has it been over a week since i updated my blog?! we have been so super busy. actually Johnnie and i are in Vegas right now so i am up early and decided i should get a little post in. i went to plug my camera in and i brought the wrong cord oops.

Our MOPS spring social was Friday so i have been spending the last week or so focused on that. It went really well, except for the fact that the caterer was so late TWO hours late and the food was not great how annoying but what can we do right. lots of women came and supported our group and it is funny how in this economy we continue to be blessed.

The morning after spring social John and i took all the kids to 3 different places and headed off for a belated anniversary trip. We love Vegas. i got comped a room at MGM so we are staying here for the first time. the room is great for a free room. the hotel has a lot going on and lots of cool restaurants to try. We had Emeril's our first night it was so good. We are staying 3 nights so we are heading home tomorrow. i will update with pictures when i get home.

We will go home get all the kids and then the next morning get up and head to Disneyland for the day. We got free tickets from the give and get promotion so all 7 of us get to go for free, it is a 2 hour drive so a pretty good deal if you ask me. we haven't went in about 5 years.

I will be back to normal blogging after that i promise.


OH i forgot to update on the Biggest Loser Challenge we participated in. it ended Friday and in 10 weeks i lost 47.2 pounds and my hubby lost 68 pounds (he and his friend Josh won the $1060 prize) ! i cant believe it i have never stuck to any thing for 10 weeks when it comes to dieting or exercising so i am very proud of that. we have a week off then will start one more round.

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  1. That is awesome on the weight loss Raquel!! Congrats to John too! Enjoy Vegas! Miss you!