Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cleaning Closet

this was my cleaning closet before i reorganized it. it is not a big project but one that needed to be done. i bought a few new baskets at target i think they were $3 each. i love baskets and cleaning supplies so this type of little project is just up my alley

on the top shelf i put all the refill bottles, matches and lighters so they are out of reach. and any doubles of things.
the first basket is for the kitchen it includes:
cleaning wipes, stainless cleaner, windex, comet, bar keepers friend cleaning (for pots and pans), and a few other things

the next 2 baskets are


comet, Windex, wipes, shower cleaners, bags for the trash cans, scrubbers etc...

flooring/ wood:

pledge, Murphy's, wood floor cleaners, duster, etc

and lastly on the ground is a basket of cleaning towels. there is a ton in there and all different kinds. when i have to clean the bathroom for example i just take the basket and throw a few towels in it and get to work.
how do you organize your cleaning supplies?

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  1. So, I thought your before picture was going to be your after, you are so organized!!!!

  2. I agree with the previous comment! Oh to be so organized!!!