Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning i am a HUGE list maker. i love the spring because i like to go through everything and get all organized. here is my list. i think i will update each time i complete a project sound good? this weekend i did my room and bathroom once i find my camera i will show you all before and after pics (hopefully tomorrow)

my list:
my room
my bath
family room
formal living room
entry way
entry way closet
dining room
hallway (and closets)
Lilly's room
Jake's room
boys room
Liz's room
Liz's bath
front bathroom
room of doom / school room HUGE job!
front yard
back yard
side yard
windows inside
windows outside
curtains in whole house
fans in whole house
plant flowers
pool area
i feel like i am forgetting things???
so do you spring clean? have you started?

1 comment:

  1. Such an ambitious list! Wow! Thanks for the comment! As far as podcasts: I like Focus on the Family ones. I just put on some "HomeWord" with Jim Burns too. It helps the time go a little quicker! Happy cleaning!!