Sunday, February 14, 2010


How was your weekend? this was one of the best weekends i have had in a long time. i am so bummed blogger isn't letting me upload pictures right now for some reason so i will just give the run down

Friday i stayed home most of the day and then after school took the kids to swim practice. i came home and my sister in law brought her 4 kids over while they went on a date. It was fun my kids loved it and slept so well that night. since it was Friday which is weigh in day John stopped and got baja fresh on the way home from swim and we had a yummy dinner, i had what i have been craving for a week some tortilla chips and guacamole SO good!

Saturday i went and took a class at the gym called straight up strength. it was interesting the teacher kept saying hooo-rah like on a few good men, and take it to paradise, what the heck?? it was a decent workout and i learned a few more things. after the gym we cleaned up and the boys went to my moms for a few hours. Liz, Lilly and i went to the mall to make some returns and had lunch at red Robin i love having another girl and i anticipate lots of fun shopping trips for us. after the kids went to bed John and i watched couples retreat it was a fun date night at home.

Lilly woke up last night a lot, i was up with her for about 3 hours so this morning we skipped church and John let me sleep in. he made the kids there heart shaped pancakes and cleaned the kitchen. i was so bummed i had a whole table set up planned and gifts etc... oh well it is only a season my kiddos are little and i needed that sleep other wise i would have been mean all day. tonight my mom came over and we went to dinner at a steak house then to the movies it was so fun to go out with my hubby and sit and chat and people watch. Valentines is also my anniversary and it was a GREAT day!

did you have a good valentines?

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