Wednesday, February 3, 2010


*i have been trying to post this for days, i have had more issues with blogger in the last week then i have the whole time i have had the blog.....
We have this space in our kitchen and dining room that has been empty, with the exception of the calendar for as long as we have lived here so i decided i needed it a little more organized. With 5 kids, 2 of who swim club, a husband who likes to BBQ, a mom who has several mops obligations,, and all in all a busy family. We needed this.
i started by just taping a ribbon to the back of the calendar and hanging the invites and such from a paperclip BUT the basket that i set with Velcro (industrial strength) was not holding on the wall. so i went to office max...

i bought one of those letter holder things and put it up with command hooks (does anyone else LOVE these as much as me?!) so now i can stick a notepad for my honey do lists and whatever else needs to be dealt with asap

i took these pen holders and used some gorilla glue and put some ribbon on the back (i seriously love gorilla glue as much as the command hooks) let it dry until it turns white/ yellowish otherwise it will fall off the wall (not that i would know that ahem...)
hang everything and admire what a great system you created for less than $10! oh and don't forget to keep the sharpies up high because two year olds love sharpies as do i.
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