Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Johnnie

thank you for loving our kids, you are a GREAT dad.
all those long hours spent at the pool.
holding the baby.
teaching our boys they must respect women, and our daughters how they should be treated
bathing the boys, since they don't want mom to do it anymore.
praying for them and with them.

for staying up late to help Santa out
for getting up early to work and provide so that i can stay home, and the kids can have the things they need and sometimes wants too
for always driving when we go some where so i don't fall asleep
for holding my hand, and saying i love you

for making silly faces when i have the camera out
for laughing at me
for holding me when i have a bad day
and listening to me complain vent
thank you for it all i wouldn't want it any other way
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  1. Happy Birthday to your Johnnie.
    What a sweet post.