Tuesday, January 12, 2010


so here goes... we started a diet. actually a challenge. there is 24 couples who are competing to win some cash, which ever team loses the highest percentage of weight loss in 10 weeks wins a $1000, the second place team wins $200. John is partnered up with his buddy Josh because in his words "he wanted a chance to win" hmmmph what is he saying about me lol. i am partnered with my friend Jen and i actually think it was best for us to not be paired up because we would probably not be taking it too serious. so we went shopping and FILLED our house full of healthy stuff.

SO anyone have some good healthy recipes to share? my husband gave up carbs and red meat for the first 2 weeks so options are limited. (oh in the picture the Velveeta box is not something we purchased it is just the box Costco put our stuff in no processed cheese right now lol)
then i spent a few hours this weekend prepping everything for the week. i am so glad i have done that it has made my lunches much easier!i have also been cleaning my room which i clean all the time and it is always the catch all. our room is connected to the family room and i keep all the kids toys with pieces in that little closet next to the fireplace. (if my hubby finishes my room this weekend maybe i will finally be able to post it, you will not believe the change!!!)
Liz finished her first sewing project with her new sewing machine she got for Christmas. my mother in law came and helped her since i don't know how to sew at all. (well i can sew i just cant do a bobbin or thread the thing through those loops etc) isn't her apron cute!???
i finished cleaning Jake's room the other night when i posted and it feels so much more organized. i do this all the time how do kids rooms get so messy, oh wait they don't care if they are HA!
Lilly is getting SO big. don't you love her tights? i bought them when i was pregnant with Jake and i thought i was having a girl, i actually bought like 4 different pairs having a baby girl again is so fun
lots more to talk about for another time. oh and i finally finished the door project just need to do one small decorative touch. i am sure it is going to be so under whelming with all the hype i have built up


  1. Hi Raquel, that's great with the weight loss challenge. i'm trying to be healthy this year too.
    I love Liz's apron so cute. I look forward to seeing more of her creations,
    and your precious Lily is growing up so fast and yeah the tights are too cute.
    p.s. I love love love the new look on your blog and your banner is just beautiful.

  2. I love tights, I love you, I love your food prep--all that looks so yummy to me right now!!! I should go find me some carrot sticks! I love that you use all the old chemicals and don't care one bit! :) Heck, we all turned out OK, right? I love that you guys are working hard to be healthy. I learn more from you each day about life, being real, the joy of the Lord, and cleanliness. :) Thanks friend!