Friday, January 8, 2010


so often when i am looking through pictures to blog i am trying to get good pictures to do before and after shots but really don't we spend most of the time on the "during" phase. i tend to like to start a project spend X amount of time on it and move on i like start- finish at one time but you know life with 5 kids doesn't always work that way

take today for example. i kept putting the boys (mainly Jake's) room off because i thought it was too much time to spend and i knew i couldn't do it all at once with the baby. here is a before pic
so i decided to just get in there and do what i could. i started by taking the crib apart. looking better already! then i moved the trundle out and got all the toys that my kids thought they could hide and i would never see because they cleaned the room so nicely you know. moved the bed to the other wall, well kind of there was lots of toys around (oh and excuse there door, no one seems to know who peeled all the paint off)
then i made the bed, because to me a room is not clean until the bed is made, even if you are going to sleep in it again that night. (Jake got these Thomas sheets and pillowcases from my mom for Christmas and he loves them!) looking better already
then Jake laid down for a nap (the body pillow is Liz's but Jake uses it right now so he doesn't fall off the bed) so i had to put everything in a pile and walk away.

because sometimes when nap times are necessary getting a after shot is not. right moms?

here is the hall as i walked away because 2 kids were sleeping in rooms in this halls earshot so i dare not wake sleeping babies/toddlers.

when the kids woke up we had to go get the other kids, go to swim and i had my 8 week check up (yes i know my daughter is 3.5 months HA!) so when i got home at 6:30 in the evening i finished the room will show you pictures tomorrow. maybe. i could just leave it at during. isn't that what i am a constant state of "during projects"

the point of this post (i do have one lol) is that stop putting off things until you have the time, there will never be enough time to do everything we want to do in a day so start somewhere do something and when you need to stop for "real life" stop take care of it and go back.

*oh and that painting project, still not turning out how i hoped one more day and then i move on to plan B.

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  1. I have a few of these too!! Love ya and miss ya!! Jake looks so stinkin cute!