Wednesday, January 27, 2010

the table

this is the picture of the table we keep in our kitchen nook. i love this table it is SO well made and we bought it from my husbands boss and it has held up great. (this picture was at our old house about 2 years ago) believe the table chairs were not looking nice and new at this point of our lives, our 4 big kids eat at this table about once a day at least.....

here is the table after i re-did the chairs i love them!!!
and for some reason blogger is posting my stuff all out of order grrrr........

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  1. I like it! What a beautiful table and the chair recovering looks great!

    Having hardwood under the table now must be nice, huh? We have carpet in our dining room, but would love to do away with it at some point. Toddlers + Spaghetti + Carpet = really bad idea!

  2. Love it, you have been working hard!