Wednesday, January 27, 2010


i am sure you all have been checking in several times a day to see if i have posted the after pictures of the door right?


hello this thing on???

alrighty then...

well there she is, isn't she pretty?

and here she is with lovely chalk writing ( i know bad handwriting)

my word for the day yesterday was rejoice because Lilly was sick and throwing up over and over and over again..........

here is the space all done.. well except that the wall is like empty but someday i will hand some thing there....

oh and here is a little lamp i got at wal-mart cute huh? $9.97 and i love lamps in a kitchen

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  1. It looks great Raquel. And so does your lamp.
    That yellow makes me happy.

  2. wow it all looks so cool love the door too !! i have a chalkboard wall in my daughters room !! the kids love it !!