Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Formal Living Room FINALLY done!

This was our FL room before we moved in, it was the ugliest carpet you could imagine and just needed lots of work. but it had LOTS of potential the window in this room is huge, and i immediately could picture John and i hanging out after he got off of work and chatting about the day.....




then once we moved we started working....

100_5543 100_5224

100_5544 100_5553

we had lots of help. it was greatly appreciated. None of this room was hired out all the work was done by John and friends and family

so finally we got it somewhat done


and this is what my room looked like for the past year and a half, you know the bank account went to things like electricity, food and clothing... but i finalllllllly got some furniture and here is the final result


so here are a few details:

  • i think painting the fireplace mantle black really made it pop!
  • i went to a carpet wholesale store in my area, and i just picked a remnant piece of carpet and had it bound into a rug. the carpet cost anywhere from $75-200 depending on what i wanted and i think i paid a little over a $100 and then the binding was about $60. i didn't want a patterned rug because i may change the style at some point and i don't want to have to get a new rug
  • the table i redid from my old coffee table
  • the couch is a pretty modern black leather couch that we got at a leather store here in town. we actually weren't even going to go in thinking we could not afford anything in the store but the prices were actually better than the discount furniture stores for something that should withstand a lot of kids and guests
  • i got my very awesome chairs at the same place and the price was so good, they don't mark up there furniture very much let me tell you. i LOVE these chairs they are my favorite part of the room, they are very "me" and are so fun but not too crazy.
  • the side table i had before didn't work in the room so i put it in our room which made my husband very happy because he has been wanting a table next to him. and i got the cheap particle board tables from Wal-mart and just got a red tablecloth to over them. i think they are great for less than $20 each! i like things to be balanced so i like that the tables do that
  • i LOVE the lamps on the table i got them on clearance at target for 75% off (regularly $79.99 got them for $19.98) see:

100_5674 101_5803

  • lastly i love the picture over the couch i got it for $15 from a lady on Craig's list (along with my dining room table and chairs, the buffet lamps on the mantle, and several other items) the accessories were just things i had laying around the house

and i love sitting in here with Johnnie when he gets home from work, and here about his day i love it and it was definitely worth the wait. especially since it was all paid for in cash, which is always great!


  1. It looks great!!! I love hardwood floors. We have newer carpet in our house, but I am already looking forward to the day when we can rip it all out downstairs and put in hardwood. Potty training puppies and babies just don't go well with carpet.

    Congrats on doing it all with cash! That's the only way we'll fix up our house too. It sure feels good knowing something is paid for and not looming over your head in bills.

  2. Sooooooo jealous!! I absolutly LOVE it and it is totally you!! Love ya my friend!

  3. Looks great Raquel! Merry Christmas! The "before" carpet looks very much like my current carpet! Hee hee!!! :)

  4. Very pretty Raquel, you did a great job, I love it!

  5. Your husband did a great job on the construction part and your decorating is gorgeous!

  6. what a glam room! you did a great job! here from "better after"

  7. Your hardwood floors are gorgeous. You did an amazing job on picking the furniture and accesorizing. It looks so fabulous. And I adore your chairs! It is all so very beautiful! Hugs, cindy S.

  8. What an amazing difference! I love the chairs and lamps too :D