Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Trivia

Saw this over at Clover Lane and thought i would join in. I love Christmas so this is a perfect blog for me

  1. Best childhood gift from Santa:  probably a bike. i wanted a bike so bad one year and my nephew said there was no such thing as Santa and i told him if there was i was getting a bike, and i did =)
  2. Best Childhood Memory: i am the youngest of 5 kids, the next child (my brother) was 17 when i was born and my oldest brother was 26. so for as long as i can remember my brothers and sisters would come over our house on Christmas eve with there kids and spouses and we would have a big slumber party, we would eat tamales after they were made, us kids would do shows for the parents and we would laugh and have so much fun until we all passed out waiting for Santa to come
  3. Favorite Christmas Cookie: well i haven't met many cookies that i didn't like but i think my favorites are no bakes, smore cookies, sugar cookie frosted cut outs, and oatmeal are my favorite of all time but not necessarily Christmas-y (i will share all my favorite recipes through out the month)                                   100_1665 100_1640
  4. icky Christmas memory- the first year my parents were separated and the year my moms loser boyfriend got in a fist fight with my brother because he was drunk (the boyfriend not my brother) actually lots of those Christmas's with my moms boyfriend (no longer together PTL) kind of ruined our families Christmas he was so unpredictable when he drank...
  5. It's not Christmas without: well since i have never seen a snowy Christmas that is not my answer i would have to say, my moms tamales, Christmas trees, coconut balls (YUM! sharing the recipe on Friday), and fun gatherings
  6. Our Church Service: We go to a HUGE church and we have regular Sunday and Wednesday services so we go then. in years past they have had a Christmas worship service i would love to go if they do it this year
  7. Christmas Pet Peeve: hmmmm probably when kids in my kids school tell them there is no Santa granted we go to a Christian school but the fact that we have fun with Santa doesn't mean we are bad, there are worse things you know. and for a second one, rude impatient people when you are out shopping...
  8. Favorite Christmas CD:  oh these are BOTH great Faith Hill and Casting Crowns. but i LOVE Christmas music i was thinking today it is similar to worship music i love singing about our Lord (although i have a horrible voice)faith hillcasting crowns
  9. real or fake: well i used to only say real but now i love my fake trees so i say both. i like to decorate early and a real tree dies so fast. So set up the fake and then a little later set up a real in another room
  10. I spend Christmas Eve: usually baking or cooking, wrapping last minute gifts etc.. then we go to my in-laws for dinner and gifts there. come home and the kids open there one present for that night (pj's)and also there presents from drawing names amongst each other. take some pictures in our pj's, prayers and bed time...


that was fun!!!

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