Sunday, November 22, 2009


brrrr... it was cold this weekend!

we lit a fire Saturday and that was nice, our house is pretty poorly insulated so it is REALLY hot in the summer and REALLY cold in the winter. we had insulation blown in the attics last year but our walls still need it, John has the week off so he is working on my boys room because it is the coldest room in the house (there room was added on by the people who lived here before us and they did not do a great job)

the family enjoying the warm fire

Jake helping work on the room

and Ms.Lilly, she is 2 months today but i am waiting until after her doctors appointment Tuesday to do a post on her =)

anyway about the weekend..

Friday night i hosted a moms night out for our MOPS group here, we had a coupon class that was presented by Save at home mommy and i think the ladies are excited to start saving there families some money!!! We had a record number of ladies come! i think i had like 32 women in my living room that night! the class was over a little after 8 and about 14 women were here late into the evening i think the last left at 12:15, it was so fun...

Saturday Johnnie worked on the boys room and i just lounged around all day. i never got out of pj's... i did clean a little. John camped put in the Jake's room with all the boys since his room is connected to the room he is working on and is blocked off he didn't want them messing with the plywood blocking the wall.

Sunday (today) i slept in! then hung out until i took Liz to a birthday party for her friend Rachel, she had a fun time. While she was there i ran to Beverly's craft store and browsed around with Lilly, i bought a few things to put on our tree this year. i cant wait to decorate. pics will follow once i do it.. Johnathan is staying at grandmas for 2 days he left today, he was so excited he loves going there and staying with her and since there is no school this week he is ecstatic.

this week i will be getting ready to host Thanksgiving, and doing some stuff with the kids. i will post all about that stuff too

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