Sunday, November 22, 2009

Boys room part 1

this was my boys room before this weekend. There room was very poorly insulated (like there is NONE!!) so John decided that since he was taking vacation for thanksgiving week he would work on this room. i hate the 3 windows, they are old, don't come clean, and are way too high! We decided to replace the 2 windows with bigger windows so the boys can see through them.

here is a pic once they got the Windows out.. aka the point of no return, now he has to finish the job no deciding he will do it later

this is the wall from the outside after the holes are cut to fit the new bigger windows (see David poking his head out)

here is one of the windows up. John has those 2 done and the 3rd John filled in so there will be no window in there.
Part 2 coming tomorrow i hope
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