Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekend Update

We had a good weekend. our weekends are usually really low key. we are not usually to on the go John is tired we like to get things done around here and we get funny looks when we pile out of the car with our funny family =)

Friday we stayed home (no surprise lol). i cant even remember what we did or watched on TV it was that exciting..

Saturday John got up and got his oil changed in his car then he came and picked us all up and we headed to costco. Jake woke up hacking a lung so i took him to the store so he could cough all over the carts (JK he didn't cough while we were there...much) we had a lunch of samples there was a ton of yummy samples.

after costco we went to the furniture store and picked up my couch that was finally in! i have not had furniture in this room and we have lived here over a year and a half! here is a picture of the empty room


and here is my new couch


it is black (duh you can see that lol) and it is a little more modern than i normally would purchase but i LOVE it! and it is SOOOOO comfortable. i got a rug for this area which i can pick up Wednesday or Thursday and 2 chairs (that are animal print i cant wait!!) but the chairs wont be here until the first week in December. i am re-painting my coffee table and putting it in here too. i cant wait to show you the final product!


Saturday night we went to visit our good friends Josh and Liz and there kids (we took Jake to my moms so he wouldn't cough on there kids) Liz had her twins boys 3 days before i had Lilly and we still have not got together because sickness has been crazy around here. we almost thought we weren't going to get to hang out this weekend but i was so thankful for my mom!!! we got to have dinner and visit which i have missed so much! oh and i finally got to hold the babies oh my gosh they are SO sweet, Lilly wasn't quite sure how to take it all in


i took the picture Liz got to wrangle the kiddos lol, doesn't she look FAB for just having had 2 babies! Ian is the one in her arms and Zachary is sitting right by Lilly (i think HAHA!!!!)


this one cracks me up trying to get 3 babies to pose, and Lilly looking like what is going on


anyhow it was a GREAT night! and Liz and i are going to try to keep our kids healthy so that we can get together with the kids during the week...


Sunday (Sorry long post) John took the two older kids to church and i stayed home with the 3 little ones because Johnathan woke up sick.. lovely. i was home all morning then went to my friend Dani's shower i got to help plan it and it was a lot of fun. only 2 weeks until we know what she is having on her baby's birthday! (i am guessing a girl btw)

so that's it in a nutshell


  1. I love the new couch and the color.
    I have some empty rooms too in the new house we moved too.

  2. Thanks again for heading up the shower. The dip theme was terrific (and sooooo yummy too). You're the best! I got compliments on how great my friends are - so kuddos to you!