Friday, November 13, 2009


i started Christmas shopping! I LOVE Christmas time everything about it, but i don't like to be rushing around on the week before Christmas looking for something that i cant find anywhere... SO i am going to do a little shopping every week until i am done.

We are cutting back this year on the kids (my hubby is laughing because i say that every year) but we REALLY are this year. Today i got Johnathan one thing he wanted so just a few more things for him and one kid is done yay!

What about you? are you ready for the holidays? started shopping yet?


  1. Since we are expecting our first we are cutting back and only buying for the kids in the family. I dont have much to buy but I did decorate for Christmas last week! I love this time of year!!!

  2. LOl i decorated too !! so far just my den but im doing the living room this weekend i have so much stuff that i have to start early !! haha And thats great that you started shopping i only started stocking stuffers !! good luck with the rest of your shopping !

  3. have not started at all. The girls want American Girl dolls though so that will be about all they get besides their stockings. I need to get those dolls ordered soon!!!