Wednesday, October 21, 2009


i keep thinking i am going to update the blog at night while everyone sleeps but then at night i end up watching TV or sleeping myself so i figured i would try during nap time and see if that works, i hope so because then i may have some more regular posts then i have been doing. so some rambling....

this past weekend i went to our church's women's retreat. my mother in law and sister in law and i roomed together, well Lilly went too. Lilly was so well behaved and slept really well. i even took her into a movie theater and she slept the whole time. We went and saw couples retreat it was really funny but had some crude parts too so beware if ya go, i love going to the movies it used to be one of my favorite things to do but my hubby hates the movies so i never go anymore. the retreat speaker was good and the worship was great!


here is Lilly in our pretty room. which the AC was broken, and it was SO hot and humid in Los Angeles that weekend


here is a picture of my beautiful filet topped with blue cheese and a side of mashed potatoes i had to dinner. oh. my. it was delicious!!!

on another subject. we have been watching baseball (GO Dodgers!!!) cleaning up (does it ever end?!) and i finally went grocery shopping! PTL we have some food to eat.

i am in a weight loss challenge with my good friend Tara and there is $$ on the line so i am hoping i do well, it is a couples challenge and there are 11 teams total....

i also have been trying to find my boys pants, why is it that i can not seem to find decent priced cute pants for my boys? today i hit the jackpot at kohl's with some great deals including pants PTL! i also got Jake a pair of shoes at stride rite, poor baby has the fattest feet and i bought him a size 7 wide shoe well i took him today and turns out he wears a 9 wide! no wonder he kept telling me he has ouies on his feet. he is all set for winter now thank God, he has pants, shirts, and shoes, he could use a jacket too but not quite yet...


here is my boy with his sisters headband on

oh my friend Rossie came over and took some pics of Lilly here is a sneak peek. i LOVE them! thanks Rossie!!!





i have a bunch of projects i am wanting to start like redoing Liz's room, my boys rooms and some furniture redo's so stay tuned.....


  1. I love movies so lets go! I love the pictures and I am so glad you finally got a good steak! THey never seem to get yours right when we go out with MOPS. Hey, what time is MNO on Fri. If JOhn does not get overtime I am so there!!!!

  2. She's gorgeous, Raquel! Rossie is so good at pictures, too, those are adorable! :)

  3. What a beautiful little girl.

    So sorry about your Dodgers. We are Angel fans, still hanging on by our teeth!


  4. Cute photos! That retreat sounds fun! :)