Thursday, October 1, 2009

Crazy Week

The week started off with John heading back to work. i was bummed i wish he could take several weeks off but someone has got to bring home the bacon =) i decided to go to MOPS that day because i wanted Jake to go to the nursery and exert all his energy there and come home for a nice nap. my plan worked perfectly and MOPS was great! 

101_4649Once we arrived home David came home sick from school throwing up... lovely! John came home early to take me to my appointment to have my staples removed. so we went to the doctor and then i went to the lactition to get some assistance with nursing because Lilly had been nursing often but was not peeing or pooping hardly at all. Well the lady said she looked pretty jaundice, and awfully sleepy and she had lost more weight and was a 7 pounds 14 ounces (from 9 pounds) i called the ped and they said bring her in, so rented a pump and we headed across town to her doctor. the doctor took one look at her and told me to take her to the lab to have her levels tested and he would call me in a couple of hours once he got the results, by this time it was close to 5 and we got there and went home to wait for the call

000_0021 When we arrived home John started feeling yucky. The doctor called about 7 and told me i need to take Lilly to the hospital, he had already set up a room and called in all orders for her. Praise the lord he did that and we didn't have to go to the ER where everyone with the flu and junk were. by this time John was feeling VERY bad obviously he had what David had. I took Lilly down and they started her on phototherapy it was so sad at first because she is used to being swaddled and held alot and she had to be in there in just her diaper, with those funny glasses and i could not hold her at all, couldn't even take her out to feed her.


it was so sad, they had to put a iv in her foot after blowing her veins in both hands. to top it off i had to share a room with another lady who had a baby with jaundice and her son cried the whole night, which she never heard because it she was SNORING the entire night! i felt so bad for her baby....



Well God sure did heal Ms. Lilly and so quickly, the nurse told me the numbers Lilly had generally meant a 2-3 night stay minimum and by that next morning when our doctor came in her levels had dropped so much he said she could leave in the afternoon. A pastor from our church was there seeing some other patients so he stopped in with 2 other people and prayed over Lilly then they were able to pray with the neighbor and her baby, that was a blessing and i hope a seed was planted.

God is SOOOO good!

we got discharged that afternoon and on the way home we got a call from school that now Johnathan was sick. JOY! luckily all the sicknesses only lasted a day each.

Everyone is home and healthy now. And Lilly is finally starting to eat and pee and poop PTL! isn't it funny as mom what we get so excited over?!!! i am not able to nurse her, her doctor wants me to know exactly what she is taking in. i cant handle pumping ( i just don't produce that much pumping) so i am just giving her formula, as long as my baby is healthy and happy i am not going to feel guilty over giving her formula.....

That has been our fun week. getting Lilly eating and praise the Lord we have been able to just stay home and rest and recoup.

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  1. First of all congratulations on your absolutely beautiful baby girl! I am so sorry that you had to go through all that yuckiness, but so grateful that the Lord healed your little Lily so quickly!!!!