Thursday, October 1, 2009

Baby Products


how funny that i wrote this post and then Kelly's show us your life this week is all about baby gear. having had 6 babies i think i am pretty much a old pro at this but i always seem to find something new that i love for each baby. here is a picture of Lilly just this week in our cute boppy bouncy seat



Since i am obviously in the midst of everything baby i thought i would share a few of my favorite products and a few of the things that i think are not worth the $$$. i think i will do my top 10 favorites and then 5 least favorites sound good?, good:

angel care monitor

my angel care baby monitor! i got this when i was pregnant with Jake and i have actually been able to sleep. When Matthew died i was SO worried about Johnathan i don't think i slept a good solid night until he was like 2! then when i was pregnant with Jake i saw this and had to have it, it is a baby monitor but has a little sensor board that you put under the crib mattress (or cradle, bassinet ,etc) if there is no breathing for so many seconds (i believe 20) it will sound a alarm. thankfully it has never went off for us (well except for when we take our babies out and forget to turn it off lol). 


Aveeno bath products- i LOVE the smell of this stuff! the lotion is great for dry skin. i like the traditional Johnson's products but i LOVE these so much more!



avent bottles

Avent bottles- i have used these bottles since i had David and i love them. i think you get used to one bottle and that is what you end up using. Why are bottles so expensive any way?! i think they are like $18.99 for 2 bottles now! that is crazy! anyway i think these are so nice and don't have a million parts to clean like a lot of new ones, although some of the new bottles are so cute i thought about switching but i decided that was silly since i still had some bottles left from when Jake was a baby.

baby b jorn

Baby Bjorn the main reason i got one of these was because i was having twins and had a 1 year old and i refused to get a triple stroller so i invested in one of these babies and i loved it. i found one that had extra long straps (i don't think they make them anymore) but it was awesome because i am 5 foot 11 and i never bought another kind because the baby would be resting on my head ha! there are some really cool wraps and carriers now but i haven't tried any so i am not sure how much i would love them.

boppy pillow

Boppy pillow- first of all they make the cutest covers for these now!!! i love the one in the picture i have never seen a cover like that but i love it! anyway i love these to just lay my babies in and let them look around. Jake "sat" in his all the time, i never really used it for nursing since i do not nurse my babies but i still love this product!

bumpkins Bumpkins bibs! these are so awesome when the kids start eating, they are not stiff like plastic-y bibs but they don't absorb everything like the big terry ones. they are still soft to the touch but you can run them under your sink and they dry really quickly. they come in cute colors and patterns too! oh and they have the little food catcher which i think is kind of gross but at least all the stuff doesn't land on the floor


now i have just had my 6th baby (wow that sounds like a lot!) and i still have not found a sippy cup that is better than the same one i used when Liz was little. the Playtex sippy cups! i think the drinks stay cooler, and they are easy to clean. i currently have like 3 different brands of cups in my cabinets and i always chose these. they don't spill and Jake can not bang them on the table and the valve fall out (please tell me you know what i am talking about right?!)


I am a diaper snob! When my babies are first born i use the pampers swaddlers because that is that they give you in the hospital and i like them alright but is it me and the outside looks dingy or like the material is fuzzy once you touch them? anyway once i run out of those i buy huggies, and i purchase them until they are done with diapers. i have tried several brands over the years and always go back to huggies. i love the supreme ones in this picture but i usually just get the regular ones cause i am just as pleased and the price is better. the hold great and i don't get many wet clothes or blowouts with huggies.

mam Mam pacifiers- they are just so much cuter then all the rest =) i love pacifiers i think they are so cute and i don't care if my kids use them, i know most people have a opinion either way but i think they are great. i used to stress out when Liz was little that she would look goofy having one once she talked but really who cares, they are not going to get married with a pacifier in there mouth....

miracle blankets and last but not least is the miracle blanket, you can only purchase them here and they are a bit pricey ($30 for 1) but believe me when i say these little swaddle blankets are SO worth the money. i have thought of making these my standard baby shower gift but some people are not believers until they try it and once they do they will never buy another brand. the great thing is the are really long so you get a great wrap around the baby, and the material is not too heavy so the babies don't get over heated. and they love to feel all wrapped up like this. my friend Liz told me about them when she had her daughter, because a friend of hers used them well when i babysat for Liz for a little bit i got to see what a great product so i ordered one for Jake before he was born. he slept literally from the first night he was born. same thing with Lilly she sleeps fabulous in these blankets! John even thinks they are amazing!!! since then i have made a few friends try them and we all agree they are a miracle! if you have a baby who will not sleep order one it works!!!


So i wont post pictures of my least favorites just list them for you. you may LOVE these items and i am sorry if i don't, they just don't work for me....

  • diaper genie, diaper pails etc... there is just something disgusting to me about diapers sitting in my baby's room for days. i like to put stinky diapers in a quart size Ziploc bag and walk it to the trash can (well actually i send a kid out to do it now) but i used to always do it myself....
  • umbrella strollers i am just to tall for these short strollers and they have no place to store anything.
  • onesies- i know sounds crazy but i don't like onesies, you know the plain ones you are supposed to put under outfits? the weather here is so mild that i don't think they are needed and tend to just take 12 hours to change a diaper.  i do however like ones that they can wear as clothes with cute saying and prints on them. my BF  made me some cute onesies that have bows attached to them SO cute!
  • potty chairs- although i have tried these for my first 2 kids i think they are so gross! i like to by the little cushioned seat that sits on tip of the regular toilet seat.
  • all that stuff in the corner of the baby store where the gift wrap is. you know the calendars where you record everything, the baby books that stare at you because you are to busy with your baby to fill out and by the time you have your 6th baby you don't even take out of the package etc.... silver baby gifts do you all know what i am talking about?! just too much pressure for me lol...

so what are your favorites? have a great product i didn't mention that you think i should know about??? i love baby talk if you haven't noticed!!!

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