Friday, September 18, 2009

Liz's Story


When i found out i was pregnant i was so scared, scared to tell John, scared for the reactions, scared to tell my mom etc.... i was just turning 18 and i didn't want to disappoint anyone. i wasn't married i wasn't engaged. So obviously it was not expected. John and i knew each from church, how many people would we disappoint?! BUT God had a bigger plan. I told my mom, she was so mad at me but after it wore off supportive. John told his parents they were less then thrilled, i think they didn't fully accept it until we got married =). John and I talked about getting married all the time before we found out but suddenly i was so freaked out , i didn't want people to think we were getting married because i was pregnant, does that make sense?! I share all this because things weren't ideal but God made them great, there is no point hiding from the fact i wasn't married when i found out i was pregnant it is part of our story and had i not got pregnant things may have been very different today God makes lemonade and out lemons too ya know =)

i found out i was pregnant on August 5th the day before my birthday i was due March 29th. i had a fairly normal pregnancy i was tired and a little nauseous but didn't get too sick. i craved cucumbers with lemon and salt and beef jerky (odd i know) i gained a ton of weight with Liz cause John and i went out to eat a lot! i did develop bells palsy while pregnant and it looked as though i went to the dentist because one side of my face was numb and did not work!

John proposed on Christmas and we decided we wanted to get married before Liz was born so we planned a wedding in 6 weeks and got married on Valentines day. it was a great day we will never forget, the power went out, streets were flooded, the year of like the worse El Nino cycle etc....


I wanted to know what we were having and at my one ultrasound Liz would not show me! So 2 days before my due date my doctor thought she was breech and did a ultrasound and i made him tell me (i hate surprises, have i told you all that lol).

On the night of April 1st it was a Wednesday night, we went to church and i didn't feel good. We came home went to bed and i woke up at 11 with a bad backache and i wasn't sure if it was real labor so i waited until i couldn't handle it and called the doctor they said go in. so i went to the hospital around 2 am and i was at a 7 when i arrived, yup guess it was real! i had the WORST nurse you could imagine. my mom and sister came down and my sister passed out when i got my iv, it was kind of funny afterwards. My doctor came in around 5 and broke my water and gave me pitocin it went down hill form there and now looking back i wish i would have told them to wait (i didn't know anything about having a baby though). i had Liz at 8:29am so my labor wasn't too long but it was hard. i had no drugs and my nurse had me pushing when i wasn't even having contractions, she didn't call my doctor he just happened to come in on the way to the office and i pushed once while he was there and she was out. i had the worst recovery and it took the doctor forever to "fix" everything. Liz weighed 9 pounds 13 ounces and was 22.5 inches long! 101_4358Her birthday is April 2nd 1998

(bad picture but they all look like this from when she was first born. Liz got SO mad when they gave her a bath and she got SO red it was crazy. as you can tell i was not a scrap booker and someone should have taken the decorative scissors AWAY)

The first night in the hospital was long, John changed his first diaper EVER and it was that gross poop and Liz was gagging so he picked her up to pat her back and he hadn't wiped or anything so he had poop on his hands then she threw up on him and peed, guess he got his initiation lol. She spent the first night in the nursery because she kept gagging and her blood sugar was all off but after that night she was great! she was a really good baby but the first three weeks i swear it was like she did not sleep, but once that 3 week point hit she slept 12 hours at night!!! we were so blessed and still are today, for Liz to be the kid she is now is amazing because she had 2 parents who were young and new nothing about being married or having babies but God graced us out BIG time and for that we give him all the glory.....

101_4330 101_4351

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