Sunday, September 20, 2009

David's Story


We wanted to have another baby for a while. Liz was a little over 3.5 and we still were not pregnant, i was getting frustrated John like always said things will happen when they are supposed to. The night before Thanksgiving in 2001 we found out we were pregnant. it was really fun because we got to tell our families on Thanksgiving.

My pregnancy with David was totally different from Liz. I was so sick, i think i threw up every day almost the entire pregnancy and sometimes several times a day. i gained a total of 7 pounds (compared to like 50 for Liz HA!). I craved peanut butter and jelly sandwiches which was funny because i always hated peanut butter before that pregnancy, i also craved buffalo wings i seriously could think of buffalo wings and my mouth would start watering.

This pregnancy i was so much better prepared, i got a doula and read a ton i was determined to have a much better delivery then i did with Liz. i found out i was having a boy and was thrilled! We were going to name him David Austin after John's dad also named David and his grandpas middle name is Austin (oh BTW Liz's name was just a name we loved, i have a great friend Liz so when we thought of the name Liz i thought hopefully she was as great as our friend Liz is, and Liz's middle name is Gabrielle because i always loved that name)

When i was about 37 weeks my doctor stripped my membranes in the hope that i would go into labor and not have all the issues i did with Liz. Well i didn't until a week later. i was a FREAK about keeping the house clean that pregnancy (actually i think that is when my obsession with a REALLY clean house kicked in) So it was a Saturday morning and i was having some back pain and i got up and got to cleaning the already clean house. Well the contractions started getting a little harder and with each one i started spotting no big deal my doula said very normal, well it started getting worse so we headed to the hospital. We met my BF and left Liz with her and headed to have a baby.

When we arrived my contractions were feeling very odd. My nurse said the bleeding was ok and normal so i didn't worry... until it kept getting worse and the contractions were just very odd feeling. the doctor came in and checked me i was at 6 i think and he was going to break my water so that i could progress quicker because of the bleeding, so he was going to let me labor a bit. Well i told the nurse when she came back in that my contractions were really odd and i felt like i was bleeding a lot, she lifted the blanket and turned pail white ran out and got the doctor. he came in and was going to break my water and i was losing WAY too much blood they rushed me to a c-section. things were very tense our families were really freaked out as was John i was trying to hold it together and kept apologizing to everyone. THEY couldnt even prep me for surgery just wheeled me to the operating room and got David out, John didn't even get to be in the room because they completely knocked me out.

101_4378i woke up in what felt like seconds later and had had a beautiful baby boy he weighed 8 pounds 9 ounces and was 21 inches long. His birthday is July 20th 2002


i was SO out of it. i had a ton of visitors too. i had lost a LOT of blood the doctor had said if we would have stayed home any longer David would have not made it and i possibly would not have either. that was very scary to hear. the next morning when i got up to walk the nurses told me they were surprised i could walk because they were in the operating room and had never seen that much blood loss before, i guess as soon as the cut me open blood went every where (sorry if TMI) i ended up having 2 blood transfusions after David's delivery my blood levels were so low. the doctor said my placenta abrupted at some point and it was the equivalent to being in a head on collision at 55 mph! it wasn't my normal doctor who delivered me and this man was a God send, he was awesome Christian man who checked on me for days. i had to stay in the hospital for 4 nights and 5 days that delivery because of the blood issues. but we got treated great! i delivered at a totally different hospital and the experience was phenomenal.


The birth of David changed our marriage SO much, John loved me before obviously but i don't think he realized how much he loved me until the moment of them wheeling me away to have a baby and him having no control over what could happen. after David's birth John was a different guy (not that he was ever not a great guy, he was just different) he didn't miss the moments to hold my hand, say he loved me, spend time with us etc.... See God was making lemonade out of lemons again!

David was awesome baby. woke up once a night for the first 3 months and i didn't mind one bit, he would eat, have a diaper changed and go back to bed. i would sing to him (i have a horrible voice!) you are my sunshine.

101_4348i LOOOOOVED having a baby boy. and his sister was awesome she took the role of "big sister" very seriously and loved David so much. And of course John loved having a boy around.

David is the most tender hearted of all of our kids he is a total "at home kid" as he says lol. he likes to be here with John or I and is just awesome! We were once against truly blessed and graced out beyond what we could imagine!



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  1. Love this post and always love to read about you beautiful family. Thanks so much for sharing and for your honesty. Your love for your family is so evident.