Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I feel i haven't posted in quite a while but guess we have just been busy. so here is my favorite type of post... random

the 4th of July was a good day we took the boys to breakfast then hung out at home for the good part of the day. John let me take the BEST nap for like 3+ hours! i have not been sleeping well AT all so it was very welcome. have you ever been so tired and cranky you send yourself to your room? yes that was me that day!

It was kind of odd cause Liz was at a swim meet at the beach and it was our first 4th of July away from her, although she had a great time!

that evening we went to John's sisters for a BBQ and fireworks. the kids loved the fireworks, even Jake who i was afraid would not like it. guess i was wrong


Liz made yummy cupcakes before she left and i made rice krispy treats. have i ever told you how much i love rice krispy treats? LOVE.them.





Jake fell and got a little dirty lol





101_3559 here is everyone getting ready for fireworks and enjoying ice cream floats.





In other news i have been busy going through my house looking for stuff to sell in my yard sale this weekend. i decided last week i wanted to have a yard sale, the only bad thing was i had already got rid of like 10 big black trash bags of stuff to the goodwill oh well hopefully i have enough to make a little cash. i told some friends so now there is 4 of us going to participate should be fun no doubt HA!

and lastly i have been busy planning for our MOPS leaders retreat, i cant wait! we are going away for a weekend next weekend and it should be a fabulous time! my friend Stef has a awesome house at the coast and she is letting us all go there for retreat.

so other than purging my house and planning for retreat things have been a little busy! i will get my itch to pitch post up tomorrow i know you will be waiting here for me until i do that i am sure =)

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