Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Itch To Pitch- week 2

i have been meaning to post this since i did it last week but i have been busy trying to get this weeks going, and having people here most of the day for swim lessons.

so here it goes! This past week i did my entry way closet, it is supposed to be a coat closet although it doesn't get cold enough here to ever need a whole closet for coats. so instead i guess i have stored junk. here are the before's:

101_3361 101_3362

so the first task is to get everything out of the closet!


there was a lot of stuff in there and the picture does not even do it justice. those basket are full of stuff. there was holiday stuff, clearance gifts i had picked up, house decor etc etc etc....

i had this cool set of magnext that i got for $12.48 regularly $49.99, what a great gift for my son David he will love it!

101_3416 101_3417

101_3418i got all my holiday stuff into one tub, it is mostly things i decorate my little entry with since i don't generally decorate for many holidays other than Christmas.




ok so now for the final pictures of the after:

101_3419 101_3420

i love that the shelf fits in the closet sideways so much more convenient. i am not sure where to put these 2 bird cage candleholders in this house but i cant part with them yet cause i love them! anyhow i was very pleased with the final outcome.

the orange basket is one of car stuff that i take with me when i leave (not always only if i am gone for the most part of the day) it has a phone book, granola bars, umbrella, couple of movies for the kids, wipes etc. also i store certain snacks or juices in this closet cause the kids never look in here and they last longer that way.

oh and lastly, the stuff i pitched:

101_3422  101_3423

i love this challenge i cant wait until next week. i am working in my kitchen so be ready for that big reveal! for more itch to pitch ideas go here


  1. Great job! That was a lot of stuff in one closet lol. Feels good, doesn't it? See you next week!

  2. Um, WHOA. Your closet is crazy clean now!!! Awesome job.

  3. Awesome! Doesn't it feel great to have your closet so organized now? BTW, I love your big window! I would spend all my time in that room!