Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Family Room


we have lived here a full year now. our family room started very gross. take a look:


we worked really hard, filled in the wall, took out the yucky carpet, took those horrible blinds down, when we took out the carpet there was this ugly tile red floors100_5226 100_5227 100_5228

yes it was bad. so here is the first part of the redo when we moved in. John and I actually had to live in this room for a few weeks while we were getting the AC put in.

100_5499 100_5501


100_5498 100_5500

by the way i hate these curtains they are capri's which i totally know are not in style haha, but i needed something to cover the windows and these worked, it has been a year and i still haven't changed them out.

here is after we got the bed out:

101_3125 101_3127


101_3126 101_3128

although it looks better it is still not how i envisioned it. i am very happy with my collage wall, and i finally got some more pictures printed to finish it off. I also got that round table to do a cool thing with but i haven't got fabric to put over it because i want to switch the curtains first.  so here it is now, i love it this new way:



i love the couch on this wall rather than the TV because now i can find some things to hang over the couch, compared to TV because i couldn't figure out what to put to the sides of it



here is the TV now which is great because the glare is no more! so we can keep the curtains open most of the day.





a view of the photo collage and the table i have done nothing with HA! i am moving this rocking chair out of here i think but i am not sure what to put in its place




i love the TV here!!!









i moved my green big chair over to this area between the curtains and i love it! i found that lamp for $5 at a yard sale and it matches perfectly


  1. I can't believe its been a year and I still haven't came by to see it, Im such a bad friend. It looks beautiful and I am inspired by you collage of photos.

  2. dude, that room looks HUGE now! (like it didn't before :) but you kwim)

    it looks great! I'm glad you didn't listen to me by forgetting the cable guy and leaving the tv in the same spot. Obviously by the looks of my place, decorating is not my forte. But you've got the knack!

    Can't wait until I come over to sit in it. :)

  3. Wow, that red tile was really bad. What were they thinking??

    Looks great now.