Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekend recap

first off i am not sure why i titled the post on Friday weekend ready. i think i was going to write my weekend plans and drifted off to my kitchen, sorry about that.

so this post is weekend recap and i will recap my weekend

lets see:

Friday i stayed home. Liz and i went to pier 1 in the evening and to target i scored a great deal at pier 1! a misprinted flower arrange that was regularly $50 for $0.98! see


100_2089it is not so purpley in real life it is more reds. anyhow Liz spent a gc her aunt gave her for Christmas at target she got pj's and a movie. i got all the "mom stuff" Ajax, Pinesol, toilet paper blah blah....

Saturday John and Liz and David went to a swim meet BTW Liz rocked it she made times for like 4 junior Olympic events out of the 6 she swam.

my mom came over for a bit and I went to my friend Lynette's baby shower. i LOVE baby showers and this one did not disappoint the girls did a great job and we decorate baby onesies for Miss. Olivia and played some fun games. can i just say how much cuter girl stuff is than baby boy stuff?! i mean boy stuff has come along way but girlie stuff is wayyyy cuter!


after that i returned home and it was Jake and i for the rest of the day because Johnathan went home with my mom. we played dinosaurs and hung out, then i got the whole night to myself and i did laundry lol


today i woke up feeling like i had a head cold so i stayed home within a few hours i felt fine. so Jake and I played and while he napped i.. did laundry and i painted some finds i got at the goodwill (a post later this week)

so everyone is home now and in bed and i am still......doing laundry i know! it never ends.

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