Friday, January 9, 2009

Kitchen before and After

(i updated his post when some new pictures because the first ones were at night and this kitchen gets tons of great light!)

last night i decided to rearrange the pantry, cabinets, junk drawers etc. it took me about 2.5 hours but the end result was great. i cleaned the kitchen and got it nice and sparkling and i thought if i had showed final pictures on the kitchen? i think the last update i did was this one. so let me just remind you of the before, before we even moved in.

these first 2 are from the dining room i think they primed it like 5 million coats before we could paint over this. there was also layer after layer after layer of wallpaper



these next 3 are from different angels in the kitchen. i look at these pictures and it reminds me how much work has been done by John, his dad, our friend Josh, and my bil Robert




and here are a few i took last night. these 2 are from the dining room looking in. we tore down the wall in between to open the space up and i love the end result. the pictures are a little dark since i didn't have all the lights on and it was past midnight. in like 40 years when i have some extra cash the man who made our cabinets is going to make me a corner nook with a l bench and a rectangle table but in the mean time i am stuck with the round one. oh and i also am going to replace that light i hate that one (i know John i picked it but i was tired of picking stuff and i just went with the first thing i thought would match). lastly i need to hang something up on the wall in the back i am thinking of white plates like i have seen on lots of blogs, any ideas?



as you can tell in these 3 we closed off the doorway from the kitchen nook and extended the cabinets all the way down to give us more storage and counter top space. i love these counters, they are quartz which are a man made stone and unlike granite you never have to reseal them. i got a great deal on the appliances from some one on Craigslist and got the stove, dishwasher, and microwave for the price of stove i was going to get and they were all brand new. i don't really like things on the counters so i have everything out that i would use (toaster, tea kettle, butter, oil, etc) on that one counter than just a few things other than that it looks kind of sparse so i may need to put some stuff out? my favorite part of the kitchen by far is the glass tile back splash LOVE it!




so basically that is the kitchen. if i get some pictures up in my family room this weekend i will probably post that room next week?!


  1. Wow- that's beautiful! I love the dark with the stainless steel appliances. If I could, that's the look I'd go for. I'm a tad upset though, that you didn't keep that border....gosh. :)

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