Wednesday, January 7, 2009


howdy! today will be a bit of randomness.

my poor baby Jake hopefully no one calls cps on us because of all the bruises he has incurred in the last week or two. seriously he is always falling ALWAYS! on the course of 3 days he hit his head on his new ride on toy, hit the corner of the coffee table, fell down the 2 steps we have in our house, walked into a window! and got a black eye although i think that was from the fall down the step. see here is a pic but the black eye was gone by then

100_1921 he makes this face when you ask him where his eyes are.


the kids are back to school. i was actually a little sad the vacation went by so fast. i am sure next year when we are home-schooling i will be wishing for a break.

last night i meal planned roughly for the rest of the month and went shopping today. i went to 1 grocery store and costco ad i thought i did pretty well i should only need to go back for milk, bread, and produce. i am trying to be cautious of our grocery budget since we need to cut as many costs as we can right now. John is on a very healthy eating thing which requires lots of fresh food, no red meat, and no baked goods so i am having to beef up the budget to accommodate the fresh food. i have considered joining him but i suck at diet unless the consist of pepsi, and fries j/k... kind of. i just always set myself up to fail at them so i almost rather not be disappointed kwim

great tv started back this week! well to me it is great not to my husband who says i watch the dumbest stuff on tv. so new episodes of biggest loser, top chef,intervention, what not to wear the view, Regis and Kelley. next week CSI starts as does Kath and Kim those are the 2 shows John and i watch together.

are you all listening to my play list right now? are you listening to my favorite Toby Mac song? i love it, actually i love rap music. it takes me back to the ghetto (John is laughing out loud right now) but i really do love it. i can sing some of the dumbest rap songs known to man like sir mix-a-lot, vanilla ice, salt n pepa. i know i am pathetic. the other night John and i went on a date and i sang/rapped the whole fresh prince of bel air theme song. what can i say you can take the girl out of the ghetto but you cant take the ghetto out of the girl

peace out peeps =)

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