Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Photo Tag

Janelle had a great meme on her blog today
Here are the rules:

The object of the picture tag is to:
1) Choose the 4th folder where you store your pictures on your computer
2) Select the 4th picture in the folder
3) Explain the picture
4) Tag 4 people to do the same. NO CHEATING! (cropping, editing, etc!)

jake home 012 i love this picture so i was so excited when this is the one that popped up! wow Jake looks SOOOOOOOOO different now. he was 3 days old here, and this may be the exact picture that i used for his baby announcements. it is amazing how quickly our kids grow up. here is a current picture of the Cutie and he is just as sweet as he was then


if anyone else wants to play along let me known so i can check it out!


  1. OH MY WORD!! That is the cutest baby turned into big boy! Thanks for playing.

    Now I am going to spend some time catching up with you!

  2. Three days adorable. And he is just as cute now! I love this! I also said a prayer for that sweet family in your recent post.