Monday, December 29, 2008

last Christmas post....

I think.. i am trying to ge tit all down on the ol' blog so that next year i can see what worked and what didn't.

the day after Christmas we vegged out at home it was perfect! the only down side was John had a little stomach bug so he pretty much stayed in bed all day so the kids and i put away all there presents and got organized, and cleaned up the house AGAIN!

Saturday we got up and got ready and had John's family over for our annual Christmas party. it was a fun mellow time although most people showed up a hour early! they thought it was at 1 but really it was 2 i was scrambling around getting things done. everyone brought finger foods so that was pretty easy for me.

John was so excited his nana made everyone homemade peach jelly which is his favorite... lucky or you i haven't downloaded any pictures from that night yet =)

so Christmas is over and we have had a great holiday season. the new year is coming which i love! i always make a ton of goals for the upcoming year sometimes i finish them sometime i dont but i love to plan it out. yes i know i am a dork


  1. Can you believe it's 2009!! I'm a little sad Christmas is over. I LOVE your house by the way...sorry it took me so long to see it. What a friend you have :(
    Love ya!

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