Saturday, December 20, 2008

Countdown week 2

i thought i had posted week 2 for some reason? and go figure we are almost done with week 3! lets see if i can remember what we did

Monday- story time

Tuesday- game (i bought them twister hopscotch which they LOVE)


Wednesday- pray for our friends and family who don't know the real meaning of Christmas. one of the most important ones we do!

Thursday- gingerbread house time

100_1302 100_1318i have no idea why they didn't put white icing all over the whole thing but they did it and i stayed out of it

Friday- Christmas program

100_1360 100_1378

Saturday- friends over for pj movie night

100_1387 this was so fun, although the kids didn't watch movies much but us mom got to sit and chat which is always fun!

100_1391 Emily and Lynette are so sweet and they live close by. they will be so sick of me next year because i am sure i will have a million questions because they both home school there kiddos. Emily brought some YUMMY home made marshmallows peppermint flavored they were so good! and i just had some of the peppermint hot chocolate, yummo! recipe pleeease Emily =)

Sunday- program at church


100_1430 so hopefully you are not asleep after reading this long post!

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