Tuesday, December 23, 2008

almost Christmas!

in just 2 short hours it will be Christmas eve, and i have SO much to do! today i finished shopping, i went to toys r us to find something for Johnathan i couldn't find any where else. it was so weird because there was hardly anyone at the store... now i need to do the fun task of wrapping everything. i once had a job at a department store wrapping presents and it was during the holidays oh my it was not fun, it kind of ruined me for wrapping i still enjoy it but not as much as before i put no frills just wrapping paper and a tag.
Sunday John and i hired my niece to come babysit after church and we shopped ALLLLLLLL day! it was fun but i was kind of sick at the amount of money it cost to buy a few things for each kid. i think each kid will get about 4 presents, a Santa gift and pj's the night before. i kind of do similar things like each kid got clothes, a craft item, a toy, and books. there stocking will be very similar also. Jake got books and clothes. the boys got scooters from Santa, Jake got a baby Einstein thing, and Liz is getting clothes from Santa. it is funny how the things the kids want as they get older remember Liz wanting dolls, barbies and books now she wants clothes, shoes and digital cameras ahhh they grow up much too fast now!
so last night was my big cookie exchange it was so fun and we got a ton of yummy cookies. i made a big tray for John to take to work and there is not too much left. tomorrow the kids and i are going to make cinnamon rolls, Christmas cookies and some more cereal mix. today i went to my moms and helped her make tamales, my mom makes the BEST tamales if you haven't had my moms you have not had the best believe me i know what i am saying =) i think i could do it! i may try after the holidays are over.
well i guess i should get back to work now!

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  1. My oldest 3 are all getting the same thing,the baby is getting different items. It certainly makes shopping easier.